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wikipedia list. It is not our job to tell that. Please give us some clues about where to find such information. Ill come back to you on the author.- Posse72 ( talk ) 11:53, (UTC) That massacre was a one-sided affair, just like, say Katyn or Khatyn - unlike this war. BScar23625 14:39, 9 September 2007 (UTC are there known instances of air-to-air battles between Finnish aircraft and the 151 Wing?

As for sources on what Stalin actually thought, ask God. Also, I think we're missing information about Finnish prisoners of war. Whiskey 15:05, 12 September 2007 (UTC uhh. Your whole argumention points down to the fact that the Soviet army was invicible. With respect, Ko Soi IX ( talk ) 17:46, 28 December 2007 (UTC) I agree in principle. MPorciusCato ( talk ) 20:16, 28 December 2007 (UTC) I have nothing against propagandapictures in the article, if they are recognized as such. Escort Kraków, sheba, escort London, jennifer, escort Stockholm. RAF combat in any of the histories of the FAF I've read, and am damn sure that any such combat would have been thoroughly discussed. A partisan may even be a bandit one day, a patriot the next. Good work.- Posse72 16:35, 2 December 2007 (UTC) The Ruwiki article is called "Vyborg attack operation".

) - MPorciusCato ( talk ) 12:54, (UTC) Great. I said nothing of comparing the scale of crimes of Finnish army and the Soviet partisans on Finnish soil. "Soviet apologist justified the aggression by claming that the ussr was merely 'strengthning the defence of Leningrad. ANd more on eastern warfare, Profesor John Keegan does in several of his books portrai the primitiv warfare of eastern cultures, and phenomen as mass rape and child murder seen recently in Balkans and chechnya. Photos of corpses send a very strong image, and I think that having such a photo for a relatively minor aspect of the war (2.4-3.6 of total civilian casualties without Leningrad) violates neutrality. This action was NOT a act of war against Finland only a mere Casus Belli for the finns, which was thou never used in political conversation. The Swedish writer Jan Linder draws the conclusion in the book "Finlands fyra krig" The four wars of Finland" that the single one motivation for Soviet was to reconquer the border of old tsar Russia.

The decision includes a general restriction for engaging in any disruptive behaviour. If there had been any aerial combat between FAF and RAF it would certainly merited a comprehensive treatment in histories of the FAF. She replied she saw drunk Russian officers breaking glasses and shooting in the air. As for "your own land" - check the Moscow Peace Treaty article. We write about what others have written about.

Also, the occupation of East Karelia has been used as that is how the situation is defined in the point of view of the international law, for example in Geneve accords. If you're going to throw around figures and profess certainty about what was going on inside Stalin's head ! Ko Soi IX ( talk ) 20:19, (UTC) Interesting logic. My guess is that the RAF must have encountered FAF planes at some time. The German units in Finland had Finnish liason officers and hired a rather lerge number of Finnish civilians for support duties, such as cooks, cleaners, etc. Whiskey 15:33, 12 September 2007 (UTC) Oh yes, the Luftwaffe units had Finnish personnel attached. Such an important event as a Fenno-British engagement would have drawn significant attention, as would have Finnish pilots serving in Luftwaffe. Possibly anticipating rather accurately the outcomes for the post war situation. That article contains the statement "The British sense of humour received the lowest scores of any category and the Italians rated us the second least funny people in the world". As your arguementation its sound like the half of the finnish pepole where pro-nazis.

Also, in Continuation war, the Finns were the agressors, not the Russians. How is starving people in concentration camps any less of an atrocity than conducting raids against civilians? Yet, as far as I know, no one has ever accused any Finnish unit of a massacre of Soviet civilians. During the Continuation war, the Soviets, realizing Finnish stuborness, prefered not to occupy Finland after the Finnish army was smashed in 1944 - for it would lead to large scale partisan warfare - and finnish determination was already well known. Illythr 13:38, (UTC) So the Soviet needed a buffer zone against Sweden? The two strikes were from HMS Furious and Victorious on Petsamo and Kirkenes respectively on " (citate taken from ml ) from this we can clearly see that the RAF forces bombings were mainly directed to Kirkenes.

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Bob BScar23625 15:04, (UTC) Or maybe not 6 Italic text Well to me he said it was a Tank regiment, when i checked the places he said he fought, the where correct like forexampel Malaya (Where. After the hostilities started, Finland reconquered the areas it had ceded in previous year, and Eastern Karelia. Research vessel nathaniel. There reson for the area belong to the Novgrod during brife turn was that the Karelians and Novgrods shared the same faith and Fought aginst the Swedish-Finnish Catholics (later Protestants)- Posse72 ( talk ) 04:15, 28 November 2007 (UTC) Nyenschantz? 2 - Are you seriously implying that without those strikes, Finland would just sit there with a mobilized army? Finnish Army paid dearly for the lands taken back and also performed well. petersburg escorts escorts in oulu

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